Advanced Cardiac Life Support – ACLS

Advanced Cardiac Life Support – ACLS

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ACLS Initial course/expired card
This ACLS course is an advanced, Instructor-led classroom based course for Medical professionals who respond to cardiovascular emergencies in and out of the Hospital. This course is designed to enhance their treatment abilities through the American Heart Association guidelines. The training will cover high quality CPR through advanced interventions. This course will last approximately 10 hours, all depending on how many people attend class. Cost of the class is $200.00 plus cost of the manual.

This course will include:
CPR, Acute Coronary Syndromes, Acute Stroke treatment, Post-Cardiac Arrest care, ACLS Pharmacology, Airway management, transcutaneous pacing, EKG rhythm recognition, Resuscitation Team Dynamics and at the end the students will Perform a Megacode.

Mandatory Precourse Material:
Before you come to your scheduled ACLS course, the AHA has made it mandatory that you complete the ACLS Self-Assessment and Pre-Test and score a 70% or higher to participate in the ACLS course. We have included the link below to the AHA student website. Once you have completed the test, print out the page with your score and bring it with you to class. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. You can go to the Manuals/ebook bar at top to buy your AHA ACLS book. Pre-test Website Access Portal:

ACLS renewal:
This course puts a lot of emphasis on high quality CPR and team dynamics. The student should come to class with the knowledge of the ACLS basic pharmacology that is in the ACLS manual, rhythm interpretations and appropriate treatment. For a student to be eligible for the renewal course you must have a current BLS and ACLS card. Cost of the class is $150.00 plus the cost of the ACLS manual.

ACLS skills check off:
The student must have completed the online portion and come to class with the printed copy showing that they passed. The student should be familiar with the megacode scenarios that are located in the back of the ACLS manual. The cost is $85.00